Drew Brees, Saints Agree to Record Deal

CineSport—Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints agreed to a five-year, $100 million contract with $60 million guaranteed. CineSport's Tara Petrolino and Clifton Brown of Sporting News discuss the deal.

Some much-needed good news came on Friday for the New Orleans Saints, as franchise QB Drew Brees agreed to a record deal to stay in the Big Easy. After a long standoff between both parties, negotiated a deal that would pay the star $100mm over 5 seasons, with $40mm in the first season.

Drew Brees is consistently in the top five quarterbacks conversation and is a Super Bowl MVP. He is also the current record holder for most passing yards in a season.

However, Brees’s new deal was not completely necessary. No $100mm contract is. Football players play 16 games a season, 20 at most if they head to the playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl.

Brees will get more than $1mm a game. Teams have to protect themselves too. What happens if he gets hurt and it’s a career-ending injury? Brees would still be on the books through 2016.

When it’s broken down (based on 16 games without playoffs) Brees will make $2.5mm a game this season.

He is a star and this deal had to get done for the sake of a city and a franchise that has had a rough offseason, to put it lightly.

With the state that the team is currently in, the Saints front office made the smart business move by locking up their offensive captain, doing whatever it took to strike a deal. The organization would not have been able to handle another media circus had Brees not signed a contract before the deadline.

The Saints had to move past bounty-gate and focus more on the on-field issues that they can control. The city of New Orleans still needs something to rally behind as they continue to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Brees also had to have this contract situation resolved, so he could get back to work on time and be on the same page with his teammates.

Brees wanted money comparable to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady get annually which is around $19mm per season. Owner Tom Benson made sure he got that and then some giving him a full $1mm more than the other top-paid QBs.

Maybe a deal that looked more like five years and $80mm would have better suited both parties. Brees would make $1mm per game and the Saints would have $20mm extra to address other needs.

Regardless of what some may think of the amount of money, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Brees got his money and the Saints got their man.