IndyCar's Dan Wheldon Dedication

CineSport—IndyCar, Saint Petersburg, Florida and the city's Honda Grand Prix dedicated Turn 10 of the local course to late driver Dan Wheldon, who was killed in a 15-car crash in Las Vegas last October.

Wheldon passed away after being involved in a wreck at IZOD IndyCar World Championship at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where he sustained what were described as "unsurvivable injuries."

Wheldon was just 33 years old and had already won the Indy 500 twice—once in 2005 and again in 2011 when his life was abruptly cut short. 

Though he originally hailed from the United Kingdom, Saint Petersburg, Florida was the adopted home of Wheldon, his wife and children. Thus it was fitting to see tribute paid to him on the IndyCar race course located in the city he called home.

Those speaking at the ceremony in Saint Petersburg revealed that they were choosing to honor Wheldon by decidating Turn 10 of the course to him.

The Honda Grand Prix is a temportary 14-turn street course of 1.8 miles. Turn 10 is considered its "signature turn," being one of the most competitive turns on the track and also boasting a scenic view of the local waterfront.

Turn 10 was especially significant for Wheldon who, on his hometown course, passed on this turn in 2005 and went on to win the race. He would go on to become the IndyCar Series Champion for the season that same year.

IRL notables who spoke fondly of Wheldon at the dedication were Kim Green of Green Savoree Racing and previous co-owner of Andretti Green racing (for whom Wheldon drove), IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard, Honda Grand Prix Director Tim Ramsberger and Saint Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster.

The dedication of Turn 10 to Wheldon came in the form of a "Dan Wheldon Way" street sign, which will be erected at the corner, as well as a monument near the turn with a "Lionheart" Memorial Plaque honoring Wheldon and additional plaques dedicated to the late local hero and other past race winners.

Impressive turnout at the event was indicative of Dan's tremendous popularity in the racing community and in the community of Saint Petersburg.

Shortly before declaring with notes of both pride and sadness that Turn 10 would now forever be known as "Dan's Turn," Mayor Foster expressed how deeply the loss of Wheldon affected the community, saying "(Wheldon) was about so much more than racing."

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