MLB Trade Deadline Recap

CineSport—The Phillies sent Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence to the Dodgers and Giants. The Rangers landed Ryan Dempster from the Cubs. CineSport's Noah Coslov and Sporting News' Stan McNeal recap the day.

Yankees right-handed pitcher Chad Qualls’ days in New York were numbered with Joba Chamberlain returning from the DL. Regardless of whom the Yankees traded for, or where Qualls was headed, he was no longer needed within the organization.

The part of the swap that helps the Yankees the most is simply replacing Qualls (who carried a 6.14 ERA) with the missing piece to their core pitching rotation; a now injury-free Joba Chamberlain. Anything else that New York gained in the Qualls exchange was a bonus.

The Yankees found this bonus in the form of infielder Casey McGehee, who came over from the Pirates. Acquiring McGehee was a low-risk, low-cost option for New York. The Yankees are really adding both Joba Chamberlain and McGehee at the cost of Qualls, a pitcher who was no longer needed anyway.

No matter how New York’s new infielder performs, it will be a successful move for the organization, as Joba Chamberlain alone will fill the void created by Qualls’ departure.

This is not to say the Yankees should not be expecting big things from McGehee. New York could be the perfect environment for him to succeed.

McGehee found the most success playing in a Brewers lineup (2009-10) that included premier hitters like Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun. When provided with this type of lineup protection, McGehee batted .291 with 39 homeruns and 170 runs batted over a span of two seasons. The Yankees will provide him with the same type of lineup protection no matter where in the order he finds himself hitting on a day-to-day basis.

With better hitters lined up behind him, pitchers will have no choice but to throw McGehee pitches that he can drive. His new teammates’ ability to get hot and stay hot could be the catalyst for McGehee’s success.

The moves made by the Yankees before the trade deadline will undoubtedly improve their pitching as Joba Chamberlain fills the Chad Qualls’ spot on the roster.

As for the Yankees’ offense, any improvement to the lineup thanks to McGehee is a bonus. There is a good chance that this move will have positive effects for New York on both sides of the ball.

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