Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Pacquiáo

Jared Newman, CineSport—In the fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, the WBO light-welterweight champion defeated Pacquiao for the first time by knocking him out cold in the sixth round.

With a huge right hand, Marquez kept a match between himself and Pacquiao from reaching a decision, which had not happened in their previous fights.

The question that the announcers immediately brought up as soon as it was clear that Pacquiao was not going to get back up to his feet after Marquez’s KO punch was, Will he ever fight again?

Of course, when he was interviewed after the bout, he said that he hopes to fight Marquez a fifth time and that during the match he “was just starting to feel confident and then I got careless.”

In fact, while Marquez stated that he knew Manny could knock him out at anytime, the Filipino boxer claimed that he never expected the knockout punch that Marquez delivered.

Obviously, if there were a fifth fight, you’d have to expect Pacquiao’s mindset to change dramatically, but it made sense for Pacquiao to come out swinging.

In his most recent fight before Marquez, he lost to Timothy Bradley in a split decision even though it seemed clear that he had dominated the bout. In fact, according to the CompuBox statistics, Pacquiao landed more punches than Bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds and had 82 more power shots.

However, during that match, Pacquiao seemed to relax for the majority of each round, perhaps conserving energy, so that he could go to town on Bradley in the last minute or so. The judges must have convinced themselves that Bradley was dominating the first half of those rounds, or there’s no way that Bradley would have been given the decision.

With that loss fresh in his mind, Pacquiao certainly wasn’t going to be defeated again for lack of effort in this fight. And while Marquez did knock him down in the third round, Pacquiao bullied him around the ring for most of the match, landing 42 more punches overall, and he returned the favor in the fifth round, sending Marquez to one knee.

After that, Pacquiao only became more aggressive, and perhaps forgot that Marquez had landed that huge punch that had sent him to the canvas for the first time in a fight between the two.

In the final round, Pacquiao had Marquez on the ropes and it looked like it would just be a matter of time before he would send the Mexican to defeat. But that’s when Marquez surprised Pacquiao, sending him a right hand that knocked him out.

It seems strange to think that a boxer could become careless, but after beating Marquez two consecutive times and losing to Bradley the way he did, it made sense for Pacquiao to come out extremely aggressively and think that would earn him a victory.

Getting knocked down in the third round probably should have given him a hint that what ultimately happened was more than just a possibility, but if he fights Marquez again, he will certainly begin that fight with a greater respect for his opponent.

He immediately said after the fight that he does not plan on retiring and that he would accept a fifth match against Marquez. However, it’s hard to take what he said as the absolute truth, since he was interviewed immediately after lying on the canvas for about two minutes before his handlers could get him to stand up.

Perhaps there will be a fifth match. The chances of that happening are probably higher than those of Pacquiao retiring and hopefully that isn’t what he chooses to do. It would be a shame to see such a great fighter leave the sport of boxing after losing two consecutive fights for the first time in his career.

As for those who are still holding out hope that Manny Pacquiao will enter the ring against Floyd Mayweather in a superfight that is expected to be worth $200 million, that just became a bit more unlikely according to several boxing experts.

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